What are the Fees?

Rainbow Cottage is committed to keeping fees affordable for families
 $126.00 per day

What are your hours of operation?

Rainbow Cottage is open for approximately 50 weeks of the year, with a shut down period over Christmas and New Year.
The service opens to families at 7:30am and closes at 6:00pm

What is provided?

Fresh fruit and an array of snacks are offered at morning tea, afternoon tea and as a late snack

A serving of milk for children over one year of age, provided at Morning or Afternoon Tea


What type of food can I bring for my child's lunch?

Rainbow Cottage is committed to children's health and well being and encourages families to provide healthy meals.
Our cook is trained in food safety and can serve children's lunches hot or cold to AUS and NZ food safety standards.

Can I take a tour of the service?

Families are welcome to tour the service, please contact the Director to arrange a suitable time.

How do I enroll my Child?

By filling out a wait list on the website we are able to asses if we have a place available for your child, contact will then be made to arrange a visit and to discuss further enrolment information.
Alternatively you can contact the Director by phone or email to arrange a visit or placement on the wait list.